Nicola Engineering GmbH - Brückenpfeiler
Bridge - Isometric view

Bridge inspection survey

Scouring may occur in the area of bridge piers in bodies of flowing water. Due to the mechanical forces of the water current, unreinforced soil is flushed away, leading to potential impairment of the stability of a bridge pier. Using modern multibeam echosounders, we are able to record the conditions in detail and to present them in a number of different ways. Positioning problems due to lack of signal under the bridges are resolved with the aid of an inertial system or using polar positioning.

Our activities for this project:

  • Multibeam surveys in the area of bridge piers
  • Specified/actual comparison of ground elevations
  • Presentation of the difference compared to previous recordings
  • Isometric presentation of the data in the area of the pier
  • Additional maps (pier chart, profile presentations, etc.)