Nicola Engineering GmbH - Düker
Underground cable/pipeline

Culvert/underwater cable inspection

Throughout Germany, underground cables (e.g. for gas, oil, electricity, telecommunications) are laid and maintained by a number of different supplier companies. When the cables run under rivers, a culvert/duct is used. If the level of the waterway bed above the pipe is reduced due to erosion caused by water currents, there is a risk, for example, that an anchor thrown into the water in an emergency may damage the culvert. For this reason, it is necessary, and is also a mandatory requirement set by the water and shipping authorities, that regular inspection surveys be made on these sites in order to provide evidence that the minimum coverage is being maintained.

Our activities for this project:

  • Single- and multibeam surveys in the area around the culverts
  • Topographical measurements on the land side
  • Specified/actual comparison of coverage
  • Presentation of the difference compared to previous recordings
  • Presentation in bathymetric and profile charts