Nicola Engineering GmbH - Alte Fährnische
3D-View including bythymetric survey data

“Alte Fährnische” embankment restoration

In 2012, work began on restoring the embankment of the “Alte Fährnische” in the Port of Hamburg, which involved cutting back derelict/dilapidated embankment sections and replacing them with trickle-proof revetments. We spent a year and a half in total working on behalf of the hydraulic construction company responsible for the project.

Our activities for this project:

  • Insurvey (sea and land sides overlapping, used later to create a seamless model)
  • Production of a digital model
  • Production of excavation/dredging models, loading, setting up, support
  • Producing control points for the excavators/dredgers
  • Hydrographic surveys according to construction progress
  • Surveys on the land side according to construction progress
  • Calculation of masses (for accounting purposes)
  • Final survey (sea/land)
  • Production of survey documents