Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic survey - water surveying - bathymetry - seafloor-mapping

For hydrographic surveying we have a range of vessels available in sizes of between 2.5 m and 9 m, some of which can be trailed. We also have several mobile echosounding systems (single- and multibeam echosounders) together with the related sensors and positioning devices for equipping ships owned by other companies for specific tasks.

Our main activities include:

• Inspection of waterways (fairway inspection, detection of sedimentation)
• Scouring checks/scouring monitoring
• Monitoring/Support of excavation/dredging works
• Inspection of structures (bridges, quays, inlet and outlet structures, jetties, etc.)
• Culvert inspection and monitoring (underwater cables and ducts, pipelines)
• Surveys following accidents, anchor search
• Positioning of floating equipment (docks, pontoons, excavators, barges, etc.)
• Surveys for offshore wind power plants

Here, we aim to achieve degrees of precision for position and height of within a few centimetres.