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40 years of experience, offering flexibility thanks to our large fleet and working for you worldwide.

How the company began

In 1971, a BGB company was founded in Bremerhaven:

Wolfgardt - Nicola

with the aim of offering construction and surveying engineering services for selected building projects.

On 1 July 1974, the provision of surveying engineering services for dredging work during the construction of the dock pit for large dock no. 8 a of the Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG in Kiel led to the founding of

Vermessungs- und Ingenieurbüro Werner Nicola GbR

which was initially based in Bremerhaven.

In 1975, the office moved to the western edge of Hamburg in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein where it has remained ever since.

Various activities abroad then led to the founding of the independent engineering company in Bönningstedt on 31 December 1982.

Nicola Engineering GmbH

Following a transition phase lasting one year, the Vermessungs- und Ingenieurbüro Werner Nicola then ceased trading in 1984.

Since the end of 2012, the company has been located in Halstenbek, where after a long planning period it built its own office premises together with a storage site for its vessels.

These framework conditions and the flexibility, which is also reflected in the radius within which the trailable boats can be used (range to date from Gävle in Sweden to the Mattsee lake in Austria), form the basis for cost-efficient, independent and reliable completion of the tasks set for us within the agreed deadline.