Nicola Engineering GmbH - Unternehmen


Nicola Engineering GmbH is an independent engineering office for hydrographic surveying which can now look back on over 40 years of experience.

Our customers - including energy supply companies, water and shipping management companies, public institutions, hydraulic construction companies, engineering offices and private harbour operators in the Federal Republic of Germany and in Europe - have valued our services for many years and, thanks to the ever-changing and interesting tasks they have presented us with, have helped us become one of the leading engineering offices in the field of hydrographic surveying.

We have qualified staff and our own fleet of vessels fitted with the latest technology. Most of these can be trailed which makes them suitable for use over a wide radius. This all means we offer our clients a high degree of flexibility in helping them make sustainable planning decisions for all types of waters.

When evaluating the measured data collected, we not only rely on the smooth flow of data but also conduct a plausibility check of the measurement results - this is because the primary concern in hydrographic surveying is trust!

In monthly team meetings, we ensure that all staff are informed about current changes/new developments at all times. New ideas and optimisation options are also discussed at these meetings which also help us minimise errors and improve our way of working.

With all these elements in place, we can fulfil our goals of delivering on time and completing our work reliably in accordance with our customer’s expectations.